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About Myself . . .

My name is Craig Pirmann.  Silvis has long been a part of my life, and I want to do my part to represent the residents of the city we call home.  I have lived in Silvis since I was 10 years old and established my business from my home which is currently located on 1st Avenue, across from City Hall.  All four of my children were born and raised in Silvis.

My participation in this City started in my youth, shoveling walks in the winter, carrying papers for the Dispatch and collecting pop bottles.  I guess you could say I was a businessman from a young age!  I attended Silvis Junior High, where I met many of my lifelong friends and participated in many school related activities and programs.  I still remain close friends with many of those friends and my Junior High Art teacher and Silvis resident, Mr. Sonny Soliz.  Mr. Soliz’s lessons inspired me to be creative and lead me to be an artist, graphic designer, and illustrator; which I have made my career, operating from my office in downtown Silvis.  I have served with Sonny on committees for local art contests and the Hero Street Monument Committee.

As I previously stated, I currently operate a graphics business, Creative Point / Walnut Ridge Studio, on 1st Avenue in Silvis, which began full-time back in 1992.  I am an artist from early on in my life.  I've always enjoyed drawing what I see, especially animals and nature.  I have received a personal signed letter from a sitting president (Ronald Reagan) for a portrait I created of him back in the early 1980’s (images to the right).  If you look at my artwork, you’ll find great attention to detail; I would apply that same attention to detail in serving our community.

To me, Silvis is a friendly community with a diverse group of people. The people are the primary reason I still live in Silvis and why I have a desire to give back, by serving as the 2nd Ward Alderman.

I have been very supportive of our local heroes and am an advocate for renaming our city’s byline from "City of Progress" to "City of Heroes."  The first art contest my company sponsored at George O. Barr and Northeast Junior High had the theme of "First Responders."  It represented the many diverse heroes of Silvis, both deceased and alive (see the drawing of "First Responders" left).

I care about the Silvis community where I've spent the majority of my life.  It’s my hometown where I live, where I have a business, and where I have raised all of my children.  You might say I have a lot invested in this place many of us call the “City of Heroes!"

I also believe in term limits at every level of government.  After 8 years, unless there's widespread support, politicians should not re-run and welcome new voices to represent our people.  It takes a special person to avoid that narcissistic power grab over other’s resources.  No one owns a municipality or any part of a government – except the citizens that inhabit it…exercised via their voting rights!


Please vote for a change, otherwise, many just stay out of getting involved, which then allows the ongoing group to take over more and manipulate the system to "THEIR" personal advantages.






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