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Citizens Section . . .

This area will be developed for ALL citizens to share ideas, get real information about what's happening, and be fully informed of ALL data that becomes available, even if it's what others like to hide.

Currently you see what the "Select Few" wish for you to see!

With the vast amount of social media, and our small cities multiple websites, you'd think citizens would have far more data readily available to them than we currently have, so why is this? . . . because it's rarely posted.   And, anything that is in disagreement or disliked by "specific" individuals at City Hall is banned for you or I to see.

We're all kept from much of the complete story.  The stuff that you should be getting in the local newspaper but rarely do, they no longer care or have the resources! The Dispatch no longer has a reporter present, they take directions and letters from Silvis City Hall. So once again, you only get what the select few offer up!

I promise to be as transparent as the Illinois Municipal code and law allows me to be.  Both "Good" & "Bad!"


Coming if elected...
















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