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Hand-painted sandblasted solid redwood City entrance signs done back in 1998 by myself. These signs are still in use and was at a cost that was far less that what City officials spend today on much smaller signs from other Sign companies.

Good decisions are TIMELESS and bad decisions are often forgetten.

Proper planning often avoids those all-to-often forgetten (and expensive) bad decisions.


A "Brief" Background . . .

Silvis Junior High – United Township High School – Blackhawk College – Marycrest University
       Psychology, CAD-CAM, Computer Graphics, Basic Programming, & IT
Pace Development                                                                                                1977 to 1979
            Technical Illustrator (while still attending United Township)
Pen-Art Studio                                                                                                      1979 to 1981
            Technical Illustrator & Photo Retouching (old school style)

John Deere & Company                                                                                         1981 to 1992
            Publishing | Research & Development | Art Library | Xerox Technical Operator
            Computer Operator (GRS) and Print Purchasing in the West Office Building

State-of-The-Art Graphics                                                                                       1987 to 2001
Walnut Ridge Studio (Fine-Art Graphics)                                                                2001 to present
Creative Point (Digital Graphics)                                                                             2012 to present
            Artist, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Signage, Prepress & Print Brokering, Websites

I currently operate a graphics business in Silvis and own a home and a business property.  I also spear-headed the origination of the "Silvis Business Association" (SBA) back in the 90's with the help of several others.  In 1992, after being employed for 11 years, I left Deere & Company as a Computer Operator/Publisher.  I was instrumental in rebuilding the Niabi Zoo through the Niabi Zoological Society.  I am very supportive of local business and local unions first, as well as Quad City businesses.

I have always felt Silvis was the friendlier city in the Quad Cities, before we offered up the welfare TIF's for the chosen wealthy.  People were generally more respectful, kinder and favored differences as opposed to dividing a community into rich & poor or selecting which individuals get to benefit or be successful based on their ability to agree or how much money they bring to the table of economics.  I have always had a strong sense of fairness regarding municipal resources for your financial well-being.  If you get paid via the taxpayer’s hard-earned money, you owe each and every one of them your best, regardless of personal issues or petty indifferences.

In Short: If you take taxpayer money, you should be held accountable…PERIOD.  Lying, sneaking around, and weasel-like actions have to become a bad thing, not the norm.

Niabi Zoological Society                                                                                               1992 to 1997
            Fundraising, Marketing and Rebuilding
Silvis Business Association (SBA)                                                                                1993 to 1998
            Founded & served as President, Treasurer, Marketing and Secretary
            I helped create the SBA by-laws through the attorney’s office in Silvis.  Local attorney, Jerry Pepping,             specifically drew up those articles.
            I also helped establish the groundwork for the original Main Street Program
            Served on a Silvis Economic Development team with former Silvis Police Chief, Gary Williams

Hero Street Monument Committee Member

Walnut Ridge Studio Art Contest                                                                                 2014 to 2017
            Creator, director, and sponsor


St. Mary's (East Moline, IL)
Christ the King (Moline, IL)                                                                                      1992 to present
            Served on both church’s Parish Council and Building & Grounds operations
            Helped design & develop the Believers Together Community Center at Christ the King
            Directed the men’s “Let’s go Fishing” & “Eagles Wings” programs at Christ the King
            Served on the TEC (Teens Encounter Christ) Board for several years

            Assisted on many Cursillo teams...“DeColores!"

















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